How to make Dell pc764 laptop battery last longer

Dell latitude d630 is a top-notch business laptop packing mobile broadband, a host of security options and a sturdy design. Offers all of the security, durability, and performance a business user could want for a reasonable price. Notebook battery is in front of the laptop computer, very good endurance with 9-cell Dell latitude d630 long life battery.

Tricks to keep Dell pc764 laptop battery live a productive life

1. Switch to low-power state. Take maximum advantage of your computer’s power saving features. Click on the battery icon in your task bar, select “More power options” and choose the Power saver plan or create a custom plan. If you’re opting for the custom power plan, use minimal time limits for when the system will dim the display, turn off the display and put the computer to sleep. Also set a low value for the brightness of your Dell latitude d620 laptop computer screen. Still under power options, set the laptop to hibernate instead of sleep when you close the lid.

If your Dell pc764 battery icon is not visible or if you cannot access power options from your battery icon for any reason, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options > Change Battery Settings.

2. Retire the CD/DVD Drive. It is advisable that you copy music, video or other media to your computer’s hard drive before you run it. The CD/DVD drive saps a great deal of battery power while running.

3. Stop charging your smartphone. It is almost second nature for people to charge their phones when they have a chance, but doing so while using your laptop can be a serious drain on its battery. If you need to maximize your laptop battery then unplug your smartphone, tablet PC or other mobile device from it. You should see a big difference in battery performance almost immediately. In fact, it is best not to have any USB accessories, such as a wireless mouse, plugged in at all. These can also deplete your laptop battery in short order.

4. Remove Your Dell latitude d640 laptop battery. Most laptop batteries are designed such that they cannot be overcharged. However, if your laptop is usually plugged to a laptop ac power outlet and rarely runs on battery, you are wasting charge cycles. Remove the Dell latitude battery and save it for times when you’ll need it. This will improve the long-term health of the battery.

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[…] Dell latitude d630 is a top-notch business laptop packing mobile broadband, a host of security options and a sturdy design. Offers all of the security,  […]

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