Handy tips to maximize iRobot Roomba’s battery life

Avoid replacing your Roomba’s expensive vacuum battery and keep it vacuuming longer with AussieBatt battery expert’s handy tips.
obot Roomba 500 Vacuum Cleaner Battery
iRobot Roomba’s battery is essentially 12 NiMH batteries strung together to create one ginormous nickel-based battery. iRobot promises that the battery can run for up to 2.5 ~3.0 hours, and based on our estimates, will last about 400 charges.

That’s all fine and good, but depending on how the robot’s battery is taken care of, you could find yourself replacing it sooner than you’d like. And for the same reasons, you might find your Roomba getting tired before that 2-hour mark.

Save yourself the expense of a new vacuum cleaner battery and keep it vacuuming longer with following tips.

Clean those brushes

Each time your Roomba cleans up, debris like dust, hair, and fur get caught in its brushes. Of course they do — that’s the Roomba’s job. However, when that debris builds up, your robot works harder to spin the brushes, draining away its precious iRobot Roomba 537 Vacuum Battery Life.

At least once weekly, remove your Roomba’s brushes and get them clean.

Keep it charged and use it often

For the Roomba’s nickel-based (not lithium ion like smartphones) batteries, it’s best to keep the unit charging whenever you’re not using it. However, don’t leave it in its dock for days at a time — lots of vacuuming will keep its battery healthy.

Keep it cool

This advice is applicable to devices well beyond your Roomba — laptop computers, tablets and smartphones should adhere to this policy, too.

Exhaust the vacuum cleaner battery

To maintain the battery’s capacity, it’s important to drain it every so often. To do this, simply run the vacuum until the iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum battery dies, then charge it to full. For best results, repeat this process a few times.

To increase the battery’s longevity, store your robot in a cool, dry place. The unit should stay out of direct sunlight, where heat could damage the battery. Likewise, be sure to give the unit plenty of breathing room, away from other heat-producing appliances and electronics.

To put your robot in vacation mode, charge the battery completely. Then, remove it by flipping the Roomba over and removing the two screws that secure the battery door. Check out the video above for a more visual guide.

Put it in vacation mode

If you’re going away on vacation, put your Roomba in what could be called “vacation mode.” Doing so will ensure the battery remains healthy when it’s not being used for weeks at a time. (Alternatively, you could schedule your Roomba to continue vacuuming, even when you’re away.)

Once the battery is out, store it in a cool dry place, separate from the unit.

When you return from vacation, recharge the unit to full, then run it until it dies. Then, you’re free to go back to your regular routine.

Apple blames third-party AAA batteries for exploding Beats headphones

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

Pricey Bluetooth cans with rich sound. The Beats Studio Wireless are a very comfortable, albeit expensive Bluetooth headphone with active noise-canceling technology.

Earlier 2017, one anonymous woman says she was asleep on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne when she was awakened by an explosion and heat searing her face. The sparking Apple Beats headphones burned her face and neck, and half-melted to the floor where she threw them before flight attendants managed to douse them in water.

Apple is refusing to compensate a woman whose Beats headphones exploded in her face, claiming the Apple a1322 batteries were at fault.

The Australian news site reports that Apple — who bought Beats for $3 billion in 2014 — blames the batteries in the headset: “Our investigation indicated the issue was caused by a third-party battery.”

There are still a few Beats variations that require AAA batteries — such as the noise-cancelling Beats Studio headphones, which have since been discontinued. The brand of AAA Apple a1045 battery in the woman’s Beats isn’t specified.

At the time of the incident, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau concluded the batteries were the most likely culprit and warned passengers that “AAA batteries should be kept in an approved stowage, unless in use.”

HP Pavilion 593554-001 CQ42 CQ62 CQ72 MU06 Laptop Battery FAQ

Premium quality dv5 dv6 dv7 Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion 593554-001 CQ42 CQ32 CQ62 CQ72 MU06

AussieBatt.com – Australia based online suppliers of high quality laptop batteries, laptop AC adapters and replacement cordless drill batteries. All of our batteries are built using high quality cells from Japan and Korea. We carry replacement laptop batteries for over 50000 laptop models.

Laptop Computer Battery FAQs

Q: The received new replacement battery could not detected by my laptop.

A: 1. Check you bought correct spare laptop battery or not. If you do not know, it is better ask seller via AussieBatt message in English or live chat online.

2. have a try update your laptop BIOS to new version, it makes your laptop read the battery chipset.

3. If you good at repair laptop computer, but it is not very good. Have a try ask for more professional personal or ask BattAussie battery experts help you.

4. check laptop, power adapter, and our battery individual. Confirm the key problem.

5 if you confirmed this battery defective. It is better contact seller via email solve. Provided some useful information to seller, then get seller solution. Such as your laptop model, problem details, item details which you get etc.


Q: the battery working time is a little short. It is not better as our genuine one.

A: 1. Please check our estimate working time when it charged full. Reference only. The result maybe different , based on your laptop. this is not genuine one , it is better read this item specification before made payment, they comes from our supplier design.

2. AussieBatt battery experts tested HP 593553-001 notebook battery quality before send, charge and turn it on etc. it maybe runs some power in transit. So, charge it to full.

3. when you get it , use to 10% (2% at our user manual), charge it to full. Like do that cycle 3 to 4 times. This HP MU06 battery will runs better.

4. because the li-ion battery feature, our battery power capacity is our design value. The result value could not reach up to that everytime. It accept a error range. So, some brand laptop power management software or tools, they tested this battery, the result could not match our battery power capacity. If you mind, it is better buy Genuine Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS Battery.



Q: this battery could detected by laptop, but, it could not charge.

A: 1. Have a try our suggestions ‘Q: this battery could not detected by my laptop.

2. contact seller return , resend , or refund.


Q: why this battery could be sent to our battery or address?

A: because li-ion HP 593562-001 laptop battery has a little shipping risk, some shipping companys could not ship it , it could not load on air planes. If you have way to ship it , it is better contact seller send it to that. after, you load the rest cost.


Q: if return, who pay the return cost?

A: generally , who made fault, who pay the lose. Based on you and our communication , AussieBatt return policy etc.


Q: this battery could use to other devices? Such as e-bike?

A: No. it could not. Except our item specification, title or other part at sale page, has some words about this matter. If you get dangerous, seller did not take any responsibility.


Q: this new battery could not charge to 100%.

A: Please run system power manager or same functional software, change the battery model ‘save power model’ to ‘Normal model’.

How to maintain iRobot Roomba Vacuum Battery

iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot Usage Tips

iRobot Roomba vacuums are your partners to stay ahead of dust, dirt and debris to keep floors looking like new everyday. Roomba robot vacuums uses a high efficiency cleaning pattern and a full suite of sensors to map and adapt to real world clutter and furniture for thorough coverage.

Maintaining Your iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner Battery Tech Tips

1. Clean Roomba’s brushes every 2 or 3 cleaning cycles

Your iRobot Roomba comes with a cleaning tool to help you keep Roomba’s brushes free of hair and other debris. For optimal cleaning performance, you should clean your Roomba’s brushes every 2 or 3 cleaning cycles. If you own a pet that sheds long hair it is recommended that you remove and clean the brushes after every cleaning cycle.

2. Clean Roomba’s filter after each use

Roomba’s filter is designed to keep Roomba’s vacuuming system clear of debris. For maximum vacuum iRobot Roomba 537 Battery Power, you should keep Roomba’s filter clear of debris. Roomba’s filter is easy to clean. You should clean Roomba’s filter every time you empty Roomba’s bin.

3. Always store Roomba on the Home Base or plugged in

For best performance and iRobot Roomba 630 battery life, always store Roomba on the Home Base or with the power adapter plugged in. When Roomba is connected to the power supply it automatically receives a trickle charge that helps increase Roomba’s battery life. When Roomba is on the Home Base, always make sure that both Home Base LEDs are lit.

Olympus Digital Camera Compatible LI-50B Battery Tech Highlights

Olympus LI-50B Digital Camera Compatible Li-Ion Battery

Every moment of your life is captured with the help of lithium ion digital camera battery. You cannot beat these quality camera batteries when it comes to preserving good times with family and friends. Find the right battery for your Olympus digital camera right here.

Olympus LI-50B Camera Battery Highlights:

  • High Quality Cells
  • Rechargeable and eco-friendly
  • Affordably priced
  • No Memory Effect

High capacity rechargeable Li-Ion Battery with premium battery cells.

Olympus Digital Camera Battery Specifications:

Chemistry: Li-Ion
Color: Black
mAh: 925mAh
Voltage: 3.7V
Warranty: full 1 Year Warranty

Compatible Camara:

  • Olympus Stylus 1010, 1020, 1030, 9000, 9010, SP-720UZ iHS, SP-800UZ, SP-810UZ, SZ-10, SZ-11, SZ-12, SZ-14,SZ-15, SZ-16 iHS, SZ-20, SZ-30MR, SZ-31MR iHS, SH-21, SH-25MR Tough 6000, 6020, 8000, 8010, TG-610, TG-620 iHS, TG-630 iHS, TG-805, TG-810, TG-820 iHS, TG-830 iHS, VH-410, VH-515, VH-520,VG-170, VR-340, VR-350, VR-360,VR-370, XZ-1, XZ-10 Digital Camera
  • And More

Compatible Battery Part Number:

  • Olympus LI-50B

Digital Camera Battery Usage Tips

1. Do not disassemble or attempt to open the original battery charger.
2. Disconnect the main plug from the supply socket when not in use.
3. Charge the specified Olympus LI-42B Camera Battery only!
4. Keep away from fire or moisture.
5. Lithium camera battery life of about 3 years, you can cycle use through about 500-600 times. Lithium battery should be replaced after three years.

How to choose the correct laptop charger for your Macbook

Apple Laptop Chargers & AC Adapters

For your own safety , AussieBatt strongly recommend you to purchase a Australian Standard Approved power adapter. Don’t take a risk just for saving several dollars.

Find the Series and Model of your Apple Macbook on AussieBatt and order your Apple Laptop Charger with confidence from Australia’s largest supplier of Apple Laptop AC Adapters. AussieBatt stock Laptop Chargers for over 37,000 different laptop models.

★ Please confirm your laptop model which can be find at the back of your Apple laptop, as like”A1502″ is listed before place an order on AussieBatt.com

Why Choose laptop power adapters from AussieBatt:

  • Australia Trustworthy Seller, Australia local delivery, 100% Satisfaction Guarrantee.
  • Brand New Replacement for OEM Equivalent Quality Power Adapter,100% Compatible!

All Apple Macbook Adapters and Chargers are designed to replace your original Apple Laptop Charger. All Laptop Plus AC Adapters & Chargers are tested and approved (Approval No: NSW24817) to Australian standards and are delivered with an Australian Standard power cable.

AussieBatt stocks a large range of the latest Apple Laptop Chargers to suit all current Apple Macbooks, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Powerbook, iBook and Magsafe laptops in Australia.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Battery Care Tips

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery

AussieBatt provide compatible cordless Vacuum Cleaner batteries replacements. The heavy duty Dyson Vacuum Cleaner batteries come with full 1 year warranty and Australia Post fast free shipping. In addition, the replacement vacuum vleaner batteries for Dyson supplied by AussieBatt are meet or exceed OEM specifications.

The battery of your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner uses a Lithium–ion construction and some care is needed to maintain the battery’s peak performance and provide a longer service life.

Today AussieBatt vacuum batteries experts share the essential tips for getting the best out a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner battery pack.

1. Keep up the charge

If you have ridden your Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and the charge is low, charge up the battery as soon as is practical before storing. If you haven’t used your cleaner for 3-months, take the time to recharge the Dyson DC35 vacuum battery packs.

The battery is equipped with a Battery Management System, (BMS for short) which prevents over charging and stops the battery discharging beyond a voltage which could potentially cause damage to the cells. Once fully charged, remove the battery from the charger.

2. Keep vacuum battery dry

Avoid water and moisture from entering the Dyson DC12 vacuum battery. Use a damp micro-fibre cloth to clean your vacuum cleaner, never a hose.

3. Keep the Dyson  vacuum cleaner cool

Like us, an Dyson cleaner battery likes to be kept at a reasonable temperature, around 10-20 degrees Celsius is just right. Avoid parking your vacuum cleaner in direct sunlight, or leaving in a hot car.

4. Use the correct vacuum cleaner battery charger

Never use a battery charger which wasn’t designed for the vacuum cleaner battery.


Troubleshooting Apple AC Adapter Issues Guide

Apple has laptop power adapters with a variety of connectors. Identify your ac adapter from the examples below before troubleshooting further.

How to Troubleshooting Apple Power Adapter Issues

  1. Make sure a known good outlet is being used.Verify that the power outlet you’re using is working correctly. Plug in a known good appliance, such as a lamp, TV, or clock, and confirm it powers on properly.
  2. Make sure the proper wattage adapter for your portable computer is used.Select the appropriate power adapter for your Apple portable computer. You can use a higher wattage power adapter, but you cannot use one with less wattage without potential operating issues.
  3. Identify line noise issues.Unplug the power adapter from the wall, let it sit for 60 seconds, then plug the adapter back in.
    • If the adapter works after this 60-second “rest”, you most likely have a line noise issue with your power source. You should reset the adapter periodically by repeating this moment of rest. This issue occurs when the Apple ac adapter‘s “over voltage protection” feature senses ground noise and then turns off the adapter.
    • Some possible sources of line noise include lights with ballasts, refrigerators, or mini-refrigerators that are on the same electrical circuit as your computer. This behavior may not occur if you plug the power adapter into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or plug it into a different circuit.
    • Unless the adapter continues to exhibit this behavior on a known good outlet, it does not need to be replaced.
  4. Be sure you are using the adapter in a well ventilated areaThe power adapter may become very warm during normal use as heat generated during operating radiates from the adapter’s casing. Always put the power adapter directly into a power outlet or place it on the floor in a well-ventilated location. If you are using your MagSafe adapter in a poorly ventilated area such as on a couch, in thick carpeting, on bedding, or a pillow, or if the MagSafe adapter is covered by a blanket or other form of insulation, it may turn itself off in order to prevent damage to the adapter. The Apple A1304, A1369 Laptop Power Adapter may still be quite warm in this state and should be allowed to cool before handling.
  5. Check for possible AC plug (also known as a “duck head”) or two- or three-pronged AC cord issues.If you’re using the AC plug (also known as a “duck head”) with the power adapter, swap it out for the included two- or three-pronged AC cord, or if you are using the two- or three-pronged AC cord swap it out with the AC plug. Either connector can be easily connected the adapter as shown below.
    • If the adapter now charges the computer and the LEDs in the MagSafe connector are lit, the AC plug “duck head” or AC cord that was originally in use is no longer functioning and use of that connector should be stopped until a replacement connector is obtained. Refer to the Learn more section at the bottom of this article for further assistance.
    • If the LEDs do not work or the power adapter does not charge the computer, you should continue troubleshooting using the steps in this Article. Check for strain relief issues or stuck pins and dirty connectors.
  6. Check for strain relief concerns.Strain relief is a condition where the DC cable (the thin cord that attaches the MagSafe connector to the power adapter) separates from the end of the MagSafe connector or from the other end of the thin cord, at the power adapter. Under continued use, the cable may discolor and the rubber molding may become deformed.  Another indication of possible strain relief that is not always visible to the eye is intermittent electrical connectivity. You can often verify this condition by wiggling the cable back and forth near the MagSafe connector and observing whether the LED indicator (which turns amber or green) flashes on or off depending on the position of the cord.

    You should not use power adapters that have strain relief damage or that are missing insulation or rubber. Do not attempt to repair an adapter cable in this state.

  7. Check for stuck pins on MagSafe Connectors.Sometimes you may discover that the MagSafe adapter for your computer is not working properly because the pins inside the MagSafe connector are stuck.

    For example, the pins on the connector of the MagSafe adapter shown below are stuck down.

    Example of ground pins on adapter sticking. This may cause the adapter to be seen but it may not charge.

    Example of the sense pin on adapter sticking. This may cause the adapter to charge but not be seen and may cause the LED on the adapter to stay dark.

    If you think that a pin is stuck down, try unplugging and re-plugging the MagSafe adapter into the power port. The pins should move and reset themselves to a neutral position. If you find that a pin isn’t resetting itself, gently press the pin sideways using a fingertip or other soft, non-scratching surface to see if the pin will reset itself.

AU Laptop AC Adapters & Chargers Online Shopping Store

Australia leading laptop ac adapters & power adapters wholesaler: Aussiebatt.com always supply the trade-tough premium power adapters for home or work, weatherproof with RCD safety‎.

The AussieBatt Laptop AC Adapter Difference

AussieBatt sources Laptop Power Adapters, Laptop Chargers and power supplies from high quality manufacturers around the world and stands by it’s product with 30 days Money Back Guarantee and a comprehensive 12 Month Warranty.  Laptop AC adapters are selected and tested for the Australian market and have an Australian Approval Number.  Our adapter search wizard provides a user friendly tool to help make finding your exact Laptop Adapter as easy as possible.

AussieBatt is the largest Notebook & Laptop Charger and AC Adapter online shopping store in Australia. Operating from NSW since 2003, we value your time and have set our business around providing fast and reliable products and service.  We ship Laptop Chargers, Power Supplies and AC Adapters to all areas in Australia with 24 Hour delivery, overnight, next business day arrival on your door step.

AussieBatt do our utmost to deliver your order within the promised time frame and will keep you informed throughout the process, from the time you place your order for your new Toshiba PA3714E-1AC3 AC Adapter , Laptop Charger or Power Supply to the time the products reach your designated address.

AussieBatt Laptop Chargers, Power Supply Features:

Over Voltage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Wide input Voltage range, could stable work under 90-264V

Power Exchange Saving more than 88% (it means less hp elitebook 8530w battery power wasting and working more efficient).

How to select the right laptop charger/adapter for your notebook

1. Please make sure the DC Output& Connector Size are matching your original Adapter before you buy.

2. Output Voltage and polarity must match with your old laptop ac adapter.

3. Output Current is not as critical as output voltage, you could select either same or higher output current ac adapter.

4. Press Ctrl+F and type your model to see whether it’s in the list.

If the previous three notes are the same as your adapter, you can be sure our adapter is compatible, even if your model is not listed.  You can check with the Output Voltage and Output Current on the label of your original laptop charger or the bottom/back of your laptop.  As to the polarity (connector size) you can measure it or compare with ours.

Durable iRobot Series Vacuum Cleaner Batteries

Cleaner floors. Every day, all at the push of a button, Roomba & Scooba robot vacuums help you keep up with everyday mess. Automatically increases power where it’s needed most.

Simple iRobot Series Vacuum Cleaner – Less Maintenance Hassle

iRobot Roomba & Scooba Vacuum Cleaner Batteriesirobot-roomba-500-vacuum-cleaner-battery
Model No. Voltage Type Capacity Wh Compatible
Roomba 500/600/700 Series 14.4V NI-MH 3000mAh 43.2 iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 Series
3500mAh 50.4
4500mAh 64.8
Roomba 500/600/700 Series 14.8V LI-ION 4400mAh 65.12 iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 Series
5200mAh 74.88
Roomba 400 Series 14.4V NI-MH 3000mAh 43.2 Roomba 400 Series,Discovery,Dirt Dog
3500mAh 50.4
4500mAh 64.8
Scooba 300/5000 Series 14.4V NI-MH 3000mAh 43.2 iRobot Scooba 14904, APS 14904
3300mAh 44.64
3600mAh 73.8
4400mAh 65.12
Looj 125, 135, 155 7.2V Ni-MH 3000mAh 21.6 For Looj 125,135,155
3300mAh 23.76
3600mAh 25.92
Looj 120, 130, 150 7.2V Ni-MH 3000 mAh 21.6 For Looj 120,130,150
3300 mAh 23.76
3600 mAh 25.92
Mint 4200, 4205
Bravva 320, 321
7.2V Ni-MH 1800mAh 14.4 Mint 4200, 4205
Bravva 320, 321
2000mAh 12.96
Mint 5200
Braava 380t
7.2V Ni-MH 1800 mAh 14.4 Mint 5200
Braava 380t
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