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Premium Quality Asus A32-K72 laptop battery - The Extended Life Battery meets or exceeds original manufacturer power specifications for Asus A32-K72 Batteries. All batteries are AU Stock, buy Asus A32-K72 battery from us save your money and time!

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At aussiebatt, we don't just offer laptop batteries, we offer solutions power your life. AussieBatt specializes in those hard-to-find replacement batteries for the things you love. With more than 10,000 models of batteries in stock, if we don't have it, chances are we can find it for you.

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Asus A32-K72 laptop battery
discount laptop batteryLaptop Batteries are Australia Post Free Shipping
discount laptop batteries

6-cells Asus A32-K72 extended life battery

Australia Post Fast Delivery      Inquiry Free
Battery Voltage: 10.8V
Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
Battery Color: Black
Battery Condition: 100% Brand New
List Price: AU $ 78.89
Now Price: AU $ 48.97
Availability: In Stock

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Never worry about running out of battery power with our Asus A32-K72 extended life battery. With high capacity extended battery will work seamlessly when you are on the move.
Discount laptop batteries
Investiture Delivery Methods Total Delivery and Service Charges Delivery Days
Normal Delivery Free Shipping 5-15 working days
Express Delivery AU $7.00 2-7 working days
Remark: we will dispatch the laptop battery from Alexandria NSW 2015 within 24 hours, you can track your order by this link if you want to know the status of your order.
1. Our A32-K72 Batteries are designed with the finest components available.
2. High performance, extended battery life, lightweight replacement for your A32-K72 battery.
3. We guarantee that this part will meet or exceed original manufacturer power specifications for Asus A32-K72 batteries.
4. Full 1 year warranty, 30 days money back guarantee! 100% compatible with original Asus A32-K72 battery.
5. High Capacity Asus A32-K72 Extended Life Battery and Keep Better Performance.
6. New Advanced Li-Ion Battery, Built-in Dual Power IC Chips and Prevent Overcharging / Short Circuiting, More Secure.
7. Take your work on the road with you without sacrificing performance and productivity with brand Asus laptop batteries.

Please ensure the battery you are going to order fits the brand, model and part number of your laptop. If it does not, please email our laptop battery experts

Compatible Laptop Battery Code: 
70-NX01B1000Z, 70-NXH1B1000Z, 70-NZY1B1000Z
70-NZYB1000Z, A32-K72, A32-N71

Compatible Laptop Models: 
ASUS A72 Series:
ASUS A72D Series, ASUS A72DR Series, ASUS A72F Series
ASUS A72J Series, ASUS A72JK Series, ASUS A72JR Series

ASUS K72 Series:
ASUS K72D Series, ASUS K72DR Series, ASUS K72DY Series
ASUS K72F Series, ASUS K72J Series, ASUS K72JA Series
ASUS K72JB Series, ASUS K72JC Series, ASUS K72JE Series
ASUS K72JF Series, ASUS K72JH Series, ASUS K72JK Series
ASUS K72JL Series, ASUS K72JM Series, ASUS K72JO Series
ASUS K72JQ Series, ASUS K72JR Series, ASUS K72JT Series
ASUS K72JU Series, ASUS K72JV Series, ASUS K72JW Series
ASUS K72K Series, ASUS K72L Series, ASUS K72N Series
ASUS K72P Series, ASUS K72Q Series, ASUS K72R Series
ASUS K72S Series, ASUS K72Y Series

ASUS K73 Series:
ASUS K73E Series, ASUS K73J Series, ASUS K73JK Series
ASUS K73S Series, ASUS K73SV Series

ASUS N71 Series:
ASUS N71J Series, ASUS N71JA Series, ASUS N71JQ Series
ASUS N71JV Series, ASUS N71V Series, ASUS N71VG Series

ASUS N73 Series:
ASUS N73F Series, ASUS N73G Series, ASUS N73J Series
ASUS N73JF Series, ASUS N73JG Series, ASUS N73JN Series
ASUS N73JQ Series, ASUS N73Q Series, ASUS N73S Series
ASUS N73SD Series, ASUS N73SL Series, ASUS N73SN Series
ASUS N73SQ Series, ASUS N73SV Series, ASUS N73SW Series

ASUS N73V Series

ASUS X77 Series:
ASUS X77J Series, ASUS X77JA Series, ASUS X77JG Series
ASUS X77JO Series, ASUS X77JQ Series, ASUS X77JV Series
ASUS X77V Series, ASUS X77VG Series, ASUS X77VN Series

Buy laptop battery tips and notebook battery knowledgebase:

> Compatibility part numbers list is just for guidance purposes.
Customers are responsible to check compatibility of these part numbers for their laptop.
> Please note for same make and model notebook battery shape and sizes differ as per the
capacity (6-cell, 9-cell, 12-cell), so carefully compare the images with your genuine laptop battery.
> While purchasing any laptop parts, you should always check the compatibily, model,
part number .etc using the manual/manufacturer's website or take professional advise if needed.

How long will this Asus A32-K72 extended life battery last?

Laptop battery run-time depends upon power demands made by the equipment. The use of the screen, the hard drive and other accessories results in an additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing the Asus A32-K72 battery's run-time. The total run-time of A32-K72 battery is also dependent upon the design of equipment. Generally, a new Hi-Capacity Asus A32-K72 battery will run 30% to 50% longer than the old one.

The High Capacity and Top Quality in Extended Life Laptop Batteries

high capacity laptop batteriesAll our laptop computer batteries are extended high-capacity. When you buy Asus A32-K72 notebook battery from us, you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best value and service for your money. This Extended Life Laptop Battery is guaranteed to be brand new with high quality battery cells and fresh from our factory.

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